• ICT’s #NAACL2021 work on CaSiNo

    A collection of campsite-based dialogs to develop automatic negotiation systems. Learn more.

  • Project Highlight: RIDE

    A sandbox and prototyping environment that contains numerous integrated technologies that form the foundation for rapid development out of the box, supporting current projects like One World Terrain (OWT) and the TSS (Training Simulation Software). Learn more.

  • Hollywood Embraces New Era of Virtual Actors and Holodeck Shoots

    Hollywood stars from Will Smith through Hugh Jackman to Angelina Jolie have come through our Vision & Graphics Lab to mint their digital doubles. Post-Covid, though, inquiries from studios have spiked. Learn more.

  • Project Highlight: INVRSE

    A low-cost platform for mobile-based hardware that integrates casual immersive experiences seamlessly into 2D touch-screen based media. Learn more.