Mixed Reality Lab

Research Lead: David Nelson

The Mixed Reality Lab (MxR) was established at the University of California Institute for Creative Technologies in 2008, with the goal of exploring emerging human-machine interactions and coming up with innovative hardware, platform, and system solutions along the way.

The resulting research in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) pushed immersive technology out of the lab and introduced it to the public, directly impacting the development of high-end VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and inspiring the creation of low-cost VR headsets like Google Cardboard.

MxR has since broadened its focus to include Extended Reality User Interfaces & Experiences (XR UI/UX), Spatial Data Visualization, Adaptive HMI, Generative AI Content Creation, and Immersive Story-Based Learning. From training and operations, to education and entertainment, MxR continues to create substantial impact through its rapid prototyping ethos and thoughtful approach to human centered design.

“I view the spectrum of XR mediums as valuable tools within an expanding toolbox, to effectively address complex current and future challenges for the Department of Defense and society at scale; the art of storytelling emerges as a crucial element that gives these tools their power.”

– David Nelson, Director, MxR Lab