VFX Futures: VFX supervisor Scott Stokdyk looks back on the digital human breakthroughs in ‘Spider-Man 2’

VFX Futures

With the new Spider-Man: No Way Home now in cinemas, befores & afters goes back in time with the digital human VFX that Imageworks orchestrated on Spider-Man 2, led by VFX supervisor Scott Stokdyk.

Alzheimer’s and dementia illustration

In USC labs, another year of groundbreaking discoveries

Pandemic or not, USC researchers continue to make discoveries that are changing people’s lives.

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With artificial intelligence, common sense is uncommon

Reasoning and creativity challenge the USC artificial intelligence researchers who are working to improve human-centric AI.

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The first metaverse experiments?

The metaverse will be an extension of the virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technology already in use today.

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