• Virtual Patients

    The Virtual Patient Lab is creating dynamic virtual characters for interaction training using state-of-the-art graphics and motion capture technology. Learn more.

  • Light Stages

    ICT's Academy Award-winning Light Stage technologies helped create realistic lighting for computer graphics in films including Spider-Man 2, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Avatar. Learn more.

  • Ada and Grace

    Ada and Grace, ICT's responsive virtual human museum guides help educate young visitors at the Boston Museum of Science. Learn more.

  • SimCoach

    SimCoaches are web-based virtual humans designed to assist service members, veterans and their family members in accessing mental health support. Learn more.

What We Do

Compelling stories, characters and special effects. The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies applies this winning Hollywood formula to benefit service members, students and society at large.

An academic research institute, ICT brings film and game industry artists together with computer and social scientists to study and develop immersive media for military training, health therapies, science education and more.

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Overview Video

ICT on Location

The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies has projects and installations on military sites, museums and hospitals all over the world. Explore the map above to see the where ICT is making an impact.