Simulated Threat Assessment Trainer (STAT)

2014 - Present
Project Leader: Matthew Trimmer

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The Simulated Threat Assessment Trainer (STAT) provides a laptop training capability to help K-12 school administrators and psychologists practice conducting threat assessment interviews with students and responding if needed. STAT presents real-world instructional scenarios and incorporates best practices and evidence-based threat assessment response processes. Developed in collaboration with the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) and the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies (USC ICT), STAT features research technologies such as virtual humans and intelligent tutoring to create a challenging yet engaging learning experience.

In STAT, users assume the role of an administrator, then a psychologist as they play through scenarios in which they must respond to a threat, conduct threat assessment interviews with a virtual human student, and decide how to handle the situation.

The STAT experience will take place after administrators and psychologists have learned threat response techniques and the following threat management principles: Calm, Ask, Listen, and Motivate (CALM). These skills are the foundation for the STAT system design, and are tracked during the interaction with the virtual human student. The CALM skills drive the performance feedback provided to users, and were developed by SAUSD and USC ICT.

STAT leverages a software platform previously developed for the Department of Defense under the direction of the U.S. Army Research Lab Simulation and Training Technology Center (ARL STTC).

The STAT collaborative effort between USC ICT and SAUSD was made possible through a grant from the Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs (ASCIP).