2022 - Present
Project Leaders: Ning Wang

ARIN-561 is an educational game for helping high school students develop a basic understanding of fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) concepts. In the game, students play the role of a scientist who sets out to carry out a scientific expedition, but unfortunately crash-lands on a mysterious planet. In order to survive and uncover the mystery of the planet, students solve problems by learning and applying AI knowledge. The ARIN-561 game focuses on developing concepts around classical search algorithms. Search algorithms are fundamental building blocks of AI. The essential concepts such as space and time complexity lend opportunities to connect math knowledge familiar to high school students and AI concepts that are usually taught in higher education. The integrated educational content in ARIN-561 leverages this opportunity by support students’ application of math knowledge to the evaluation of each algorithm as they progress through the learning goals. 

ARIN-561 has been piloted in school districts in Los Angeles county. It’s available for teachers, students, and the general public at the ARIN-561 website. The ARIN-561 project is in collaboration with the Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California, Berkeley. The project was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant #1842385.

More information about the project is available at Further inquiries can be directed to the project PI Dr. Ning Wang at