Personal Assistant for Life Long Learning (PAL3)

2014 - Present
Project Leaders: Bill Swartout and Ben Nye

The goal of the PAL3 project is to support learners throughout their careers and help them navigate career transitions successfully. Typically gaps in training lead to skill decay, due to lack of structure and motivation to continue studying.

To meet this challenge, the PAL3 system was designed to accompany a learner throughout their career and mentor them to build and maintain skills through:

1) Learner Model: a persistent learning record that drives a student model which estimates forgetting,

2) Recommender: an adaptive recommendation engine providing personalized topics and resources, both for intelligent tutors and traditional learning resources,

3) Coach Agent: an embodied pedagogical agent (Pal) to provide continuity in learning, and 

4) Engagement Mechanisms: game-like mechanisms to promote engagement through goals achievement, effort tracking, and competition/social ties.

5) Offline Mode: Download most resource types and provide adaptive learning even when offline.

Use Cases: Personalized self-paced training for skills, such as preparing for a new role (e.g., a leadership position or new command). “Push training” where a supervisor triggers a recommended topic to their command based on a new risk. Preventing skill decay in between periods of formal instruction (studied with Navy FC sailors between A-school and C-School).

Maturity Level: Advanced (6.5). Successfully completed 3 usability studies, 1 pilot study demonstrating learning gains for leadership and resilience (16% increase; p<0.01), and a one-month long duration (one-month) efficacy study on technical skills (r=.39 correlation of learning gains with time studying in PAL3; p<0.01).

Download a PDF overview.