2012 - Present
Project Leader: Jessica Brillhart


The hardware components of INVRSE includes a simple INVRSE lens assembly that slides onto the top portion of your tablet or over your phone screen. This enables you to experience content in virtual or augmented reality while experiencing traditional media formats like text, photos, or video. What results is a cutting-edge content ecosystem that is accessible, scalable, and cost effective. The goal of INVRSE is to leverage all the great things that immersive media can do while eliminating the logistical limitations and user hurdles that come with it.

A LOW-COST SOLUTION ​Immersive hardware for technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality tend to be expensive to purchase and costly to maintain. The costs of creating INVRSE devices are nominal and the hardware can be easily reproduced on any 3D printer.

EASY TO USE ​INVRSE is straightforward, allowing anyone – regardless of technical ability, familiarity, or skillset – to be able to experience immersive media. If you know how to use a tablet, then you know how to use INVRSE.

ALL TYPES OF MEDIA IN ONE PLACE ​INVRSE offers a hybrid and holistic media ecosystem, combining traditional formats like text, photos and videos with emerging mediums like VR and AR. INVRSE allows users to intuitively and casually jump in and out of various formats without having to switch apps, platforms, or devices.

CLOUD-BASED & NETWORK READY ​Content for INVRSE runs on widely used mobile-based technology and hardware. Media can be streamed from either a WiFi or a cellular network, or it can be pulled down locally to devices from the cloud to be accessed in areas of limited to no connectivity. INVRSE also has the capacity to go from being a one-on-one experience to a fully social one. Creators can network devices together and designate a leader to guide a team of users through an immersive experience. This is particularly impactful in the sectors which have training and education at their cores.

EMPOWERS THOSE WHO NEED IT WHEN THEY NEED IT MOST Whether you’re a teacher creating a remote lesson for her Chemistry class, a platoon commander defining a tactical scenario while on the frontlines, or a news publisher who wants to leverage all forms of media to tell a cohesive story – INVRSE will empower anyone/everyone to be able to create engaging content for the platform. The future capabilities of an INVRSE solution will include an easy-to-use content creator tool complete with templates and guidelines to help add, edit, and share. INVRSE source-code and schematics are open source, empowering users to craft and mod their very own viewers to fit their various needs.

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