INOTS Counseling

2014 - Present
Project Leader: David Cobbins

The Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS) Counseling is a laptop training application used to teach interpersonal skills to United States (US) Navy junior leaders by presenting real-world instructional scenarios in an engaging, self-reinforcing manner. The purpose of the training experience is to provide junior leaders with an opportunity to learn, practice and assess interpersonal communication skills for use in basic counseling. The INOTS Counseling content incorporates Navy-approved leadership doctrine (Division Officer Leadership Course), evidence-based instructional design methodologies, and USC ICT research technologies, such as virtual humans and intelligent tutoring, to create a challenging yet engaging training experience.

The INOTS Counseling software has nine scenarios. All of the scenarios are based on real-world counseling issues such as fraternization, workforce management, peer-to-peer communications, Sexual Harassment and physical fitness issues. These scenarios offer users a chance to practice the interpersonal communication skills they learn during the INOTS Counseling instruction. The package includes three phases: Up-front Instruction, Practice Environment, and an After Action Review (AAR).

The total training time for INOTS Counseling is anywhere from one to two hours depending on a user’s proficiency. Time will vary depending on user experience level, performance, and engagement. Some users may take time to review missed concepts based on how well they respond to quiz questions. Some users may choose to watch all suggested training vignettes and comparisons. Some users may thoroughly engage in the AAR after an interaction in the practice environment. Some users may choose to practice all nine scenarios.

In the contemporary US Navy, leaders must not only be prepared for the tactical side of leadership, but also the personal and soft side of leadership as well. Effective communication between leaders and their subordinates is paramount towards maintaining the combat effectiveness of the force, and INOTS Counseling offers young US Navy leaders a unique opportunity to learn and practice interpersonal skills so they are better prepared for the interactions they will encounter.

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