Self-Directed Learning Internet Module — Every Soldier a Sensor Simulation

2004 – 2009
Project Leader: Matthew Trimmer

The Self-Directed Learning Internet Module–Every Solder a Sensor Simulation (SLIM-ES3) is a web-delivered and web-enabled combat patrol training tool for US ground forces, providing practice in Active Surveillance, Threat Indicator Identification and Information Operations. Developed with the cooperation of the US Army’s Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence G2, SLIM-ES3 is currently in use as a component of basic training instruction with the First Combat Training Brigade, Fort Jackson and in pre-deployment training for soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, New York. The SLIM-ES3 environment is a southwest Asian urban setting. The user navigates the urban terrain populated with civilians, security personnel, NGOs, and insurgents, to detect threats while attempting appropriate interaction with everyone encountered. Users work from a menu of actions, recording their observations, checking maps, taking GPS readings, and even taking digital “photographs”. Each action has a time “cost”. Skillful users will balance immediate reporting with notes and memory to maximize their observations by minimizing easier but more time “costly” methods. Following the patrol, users prepare a patrol report, working from recorded objects and recalling items observed. Scoring takes into account objects reported and an Information Operations indicator reflecting success in civilian interactions. The After Action Review (AAR) allows study of objects observed and missed along with current doctrinal information about the category of threat that the object represented.

Facts and Figures
SLIM-ES3 was the recipient of the US Army Modeling and Simulation Award for training excellence in 2006. Learn more here.