Distribution Management Cognitive Training Initiative (DMCTI)

Project Leader: Matthew Trimmer

Download a PDF overview of ICT’s immersive and cognitive training aids.

Designed to assist Soldiers and instructors, the DMCTI application is built on a solid educational design, incorporating lessons learned from the ICT’s significant experience in developing game-based cognitive training aids.

The DMCTI prototype application trains U.S. Army logistical planners and supports the understanding of the Army distribution management process. It promotes the development of strategies for best exploiting the capabilities of logistics management systems, including the Army’s recognized logistics command and control tool, Battle Command Sustainment Support System (BCS3).

Lessons are available in three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Beginner lessons include missions with few tasks and a significant amount of in-game feedback whereas advanced levels include missions with many tasks and little to no input along the way.  A post exercise review provides students with an evaluation as well as a representation of how their performance compares to experts in the field.

The target audience for the DMCTI application is the Sustainment Brigade Support Operations Officer who must request information from BCS3 operators in order to carry out a given mission. However, the overall design of the DMCTI training aid may be leveraged to support distribution management training to multiple levels of US Army command and staff positions.

For this project, ICT worked with the Product Manager, Battle Command Sustainment Support System (PM BCS3) and the US Army Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC).

Facts and Figures
DMCTI was the recipient of the 2008 Army Modeling and Simulation Award for Army-wide team training.

It was transitioned by the government for use in training.

External Collaborators

  • PdM BCS3
  • STTC
  • Quicksilver Software, Inc.
  • Stranger Entertainment