Cognitive Air Defense Training System (CAD-TS) Engagement Control Station Simulation (ECS2)

Project Leader: Matt Trimmer

Download a PDF overview of ICT’s immersive and cognitive training aids.

The CAD-­‐TS ECS2 was a collaboration between the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) and the United States Army Air Defense Artillery School (USAADASCH). The CAD-­‐TS ECS2 is able to accommodate up to 64 soldiers per training session through the combination of immersive simulation and digital media-­‐enhanced classroom instruction.

The CAD-TS ECS2 leverages ICT’s expertise in immersive media techniques and learning sciences.

Through a unique means of bridging the gap between the 2D scope and 3D visualization of the airspace, the CAD-TS ECS2 presents soldiers with a tool to aid in their preparation of using the US Army Patriot.

This cognitive training aid is designed to test soldiers’ ability to develop and execute courses of action, and exercise their ability to understand the significance of the consequences of those actions based on adequate awareness of what is happening in the operational environment.

Facts and Figures

  • Successfully transitioned to the Army in 2010