Cultural and Cognitive Combat Immersive Trainer (C3IT)

Project Leader: Diane Piepol

C3IT-D depicts placing soldiers in highly realistic, critical decision-making situations that require cultural awareness to afford making the best judgments. The proof of concept trainer employs ICT technologies to move beyond tactical training situations by means of cultural & cognitive immersive content.

The objective is to portray a one-on-one exchange between the trainee and an interactive character wherein cultural awareness is of primary importance. The trainee engages with interactive characters projected at full human scale in real-time graphics on digital flat displays using a natural language speech recognition interface.

ICT worked with subject matter experts to identify scenarios for the demonstration that had appropriate relationship to specific training tasks being trained at Ft. Benning and other Army training centers. One such scenario presents investigative questioning after an IED explosion in a public market, and was temporarily installed and demonstrated at Ft. Benning in December 2006.