Prototypes Overview

Using science and storytelling, ICT prototypes provide engaging experiences to improve skills in decision-making, cultural awareness, leadership and coping, to name a few.

Real World Impact



Imagine a veteran going online to speak anonymously to an interactive virtual coach who can remotely recognize signs of depression, PTSD and suicide risk and point the person in need to resources that can help.

Picture a soldier learning how to address a case of sexual harassment through practice with a computer-generated virtual human education system that can role play conversations and teach a classroom of participants the best way to handle these and other tricky personnel issues that arise when young people live in close quarters, under stressful conditions.

Consider computer games now available to troops stationed around the globe that can simulate what goes wrong when they don’t consider the indirect consequences of even their smallest interactions.

These inventive examples represent some of the groundbreaking research and advanced technology demonstrations coming out of the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies that are both making an impact today and paving the way for what is possible in the future.