One World Terrain (OWT)

2013 - Present
Project Leader: Ryan McAlinden

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One World Terrain (OWT) is an applied research project designed to assist the DoD in creating the most realistic, accurate and informative representations of the physical and non-physical landscape. Part of the Army National Simulation Center’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) concept, the goal is to help establish a next-generation government/industry terrain dataset for modeling and simulation (M&S) hardware and software for training and operational use.

The project seeks to:

  • Construct a single 3D geospatial database for use in next-generation simulations and virtual environments
  • Utilize commercial cloudfront solutions for storing and serving geospatial data
  • Procedurally recreate 3D terrain using drones and other capturing equipment
  • Reduce the cost and time for creating geo-specific datasets for M&S

The Terrain 2025 effort is principally centered around ICT playing a futurist role in understanding the continuing technology evolution expected to take place within M&S, particularly as it relates to collecting terrain data and then turning it into usable assets.

Proofs-of-concept will be developed that center around experiments to determine whether large amounts of the Earth’s land and space terrain/features can be used in real-time by a next-generation simulation platform. They will also demonstrate how user-driven social media data may be incorporated in real or near real time into a virtual or constructive environment.

View OWT videos here.

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