One World Terrain (OWT)

2013 - Present
Project Leader: Ryan McAlinden

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One World Terrain (OWT) is a Joint Staff-funded project designed to assist the DoD in creating the most realistic, accurate and informative representations of the physical and non- physical landscape. Part of the Army National Simulation Center’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) concept, the goal is to help establish a next-generation government/industry terrain standard for modeling and simulation (M&S) hardware and software for training and operational use.

The project seeks to:

Construct an automated workflow for terrain capture and 3D reconstruction.

Give small units the organic capability to capture, process, store, visualize and distribute 3D reconstructions of geo-specific terrain.

Utilize commercial cloudfront solutions for storing and serving

Procedurally recreate updateable 3D geo-specific terrain using UAS and other acquisition equipment

Reduce the cost and time for creating geo-specific datasets for M&S

The Terrain 2025 effort is principally centered around ICT playing a futurist role in understanding the continuing technology evolution expected to take place within M&S, particularly as it relates to collecting terrain data and then turning it into usable assets.

Ongoing development builds of ATLAS WGS84 will be produced that concentrate on experiments to determine whether large amounts of the Earth’s land and space terrain/features can be used in real-time by a next-generation simulation platform. They will also demonstrate how various data formats may be fused and incorporated in near real time into a virtual or constructive environment.

View OWT videos here.