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3d teleconferencing 1 th

3D Teleconferencing


ICT’s Star Wars-inspired 3D teleconferencing system projects a remote user as a moving hologram-like image that can converse and maintain direct eye contact with multiple users.

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Ada and Grace

Ada and Grace: Responsive Virtual Human Museum Guides


Meet Ada and Grace, virtual human museum guides who promote STEM education by answering questions, suggesting exhibits and explaining the technology that makes them work.

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axl 1 th

Army Excellence in Leadership


AXL provided an engaging and memorable way to transfer tacit knowledge and develop critical thinking through case-method teaching, filmed storytelling and interactive training.

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bilat th

Bilateral Negotiation Trainer (BiLAT)


ICT leveraged its virtual human and video game technologies to develop one of the first cultural/negotiation trainers. Transitioned for Army-wide training, BiLAT won a Modeling and Simulation Award and is available on the MilGaming website.

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Cerebella automates the generation of physical behaviors for virtual humans, including nonverbal behaviors accompanying the virtual humans dialog, responses to perceptual events as well as listening behaviors.

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coach mike 2 th

Coach Mike


Coach Mike is a virtual human who teaches people how to program a robot at the Boston Museum of Science. He’s part of an NSF-funded effort to help young visitors have fun learning about science.

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cadts 1 th

Cognitive Air Defense Training System (CAD-TS) Engagement Control Station Simulation (ECS2)


This system, which transitioned to the Army in 2010, uses immersive media and learning sciences to train leaders in battle space visualization.

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chaos 1 th

Combat Hunter Action and Observation Simulation (CHAOS)


ICT developed this vision of next-generation training for the Future Immersive Training Environment (FITE) Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) at Camp Pendleton.

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c3it th

Cultural and Cognitive Combat Immersive Trainer (C3IT)


C3IT depicted placing soldiers in highly realistic, critical decision-making situations that required cultural awareness to make the best judgements.

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Digital Emily


ICT and Image Metrics collaborated to achieve a photoreal digital actor. Critics hailed the collaboration as successful in crossing the “uncanny valley”.

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digital ira 7 th

Digital Ira


In this collaboration between Activision and USC ICT, we tried to create a real-time, photoreal digital human character which could be seen from any viewpoint, any lighting, and could perform realistically from video performance capture even in a tight closeup.

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Disaster Response Training for Incident Command: TELL


The DHS TELL program was designed to be a federated set of systems to facilitate the training and exercise of incident commanders of large-scale disasters.

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dice t 1 th

Dismounted Interactive Counter-IED Environment for Training (DICE-T)


DICE-T introduces, reinforces and assesses dismounted training concepts and principles by using narrative video and immersive gameplay.

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Distribution Management Cognitive Training Initiative (DMCTI)


DMCTI trains in understanding the Army distribution management process and logistics management systems. It transitioned to the Army and won a Modeling and Simulation Award.

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Early Synthetic Prototyping (ESP)

2015 - Present

Early Synthetic Prototyping (ESP) explores ways to leverage emerging synthetic immersive environments to foster innovative design and testing. ESP also is being designed to enable testing of very nascent concepts and explore not only the art of the possible for today, but tomorrow as well.

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elite lite 1 th



ELITE Lite provides a laptop training capability to teach interpersonal skills to Army junior leaders.

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Emergent Leader Immersive Training Environment (ELITE)


ELITE uses virtual humans for instruction, practice and assessment of interpersonal communication skills for leadership and counseling. It is currently used in classrooms at Fort Benning, Georgia.

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Blueshark Thumbnail Image

Enhanced Environment for Communication and Collaboration (E2C2)


The E2C2 project seeks to answer a simple question that has complicated answers – what will a future office/work environment look like in 2020 and how will it enable people to better function?

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Fast Avatar Capture

2014 - Present

ICT researchers have developed the capability of creating a digital model of a person using commodity hardware (a Microsoft Kinect camera), placing this 3D avatar into a video game or simulation and infusing it with numerous behaviors and capabilities in just a few minutes.

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flatworld 1-th



FlatWorld combined Hollywood sets with real and virtual elements, creating an environment where users interacted with both the physical and virtual worlds, including virtual characters.

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faast 1 th

Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST)


FAAST facilitates integration of full-body control with games and VR applications. The toolkit tracks the user’s motion using the PrimeSensor or the Microsoft Kinect sensors.

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friends you havent met yet 2 th

Friends You Haven’t Met Yet: A Documentary and Research project


“Friends You Haven’t Met Yet” is a documentary short film that chronicles encounters between prolific bloggers and a computer scientist who uses their personal narratives for research.

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full spectrum warror xbox mag th

Full Spectrum Video Games


A suite of applications for military and commercial audiences that provide practice and training at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

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gunslinger 1-th



Combines virtual humans technology with Hollywood storytelling and stagecraft, creating a mixed-reality experience where a single participant interacts with multiple virtual characters.

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inots th

Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS)


This interactive leadership-development tool is in use at the Navy’s Officer Training Command. INOTS may be the first example of a life-sized virtual human providing military classroom training.

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ISR-T 3 th

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Trainer (ISR-T)


The ISR-Training system lends itself to blended learning and adaptability; it can be used in resident training, web-based training with an instructor, and web-based training without an instructor.

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Jewel Mine


Jewel Mine uses the Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK to explore the potential of interactive games to improve therapy in home and clinical settings.

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JFETS 1-th

Joint Fires and Effects Training System (JFETS)


JFETS is a suite of state-of-the-art immersive virtual reality environments designed to help soldiers make critical decisions under stress. Transitioned for Army training, the simulated system has prepared tens of thousands of service members for real world situations.

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light stage 1 th

Light Stages


ICT Light Stages capture how actors appear when lit from every possible lighting direction. The system developers were recognized with an Academy Award for designing this technology that can create believable digital doubles down to the level of fine wrinkles and skin pores.

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hmd 4 th

Low-Cost Immersive Viewer


FOV2GO is a fold-out viewer that transforms smartphones into portable immersive virtual reality systems. Downloadable software allows users to create their own worlds or environments to display.

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military terrain for games pipeline 1-th

Military Terrain for Games Pipeline


A pipeline of automated processes and tools that analyze military terrain data, correct issues, enhance aesthetics, then export for use with the systems the military uses most.

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mcit 1 th

Mobile Counter-IED Interactive Trainer (MCIT)


MCIT provides counter-IED training via a narrative storyline, immersive environment and a live mutliplayer video game-based practice tool.

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miles 1 th

Motivational Interviewing Learning Environment and Simulation (MILES)


The Motivational Interviewing Learning Environment and Simulation (MILES) is a virtual reality project developed by the USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and …

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Mystic Isle

2013 - Present

Mystic Isle is a virtual reality game-based technology designed to improve performance and participation for persons receiving rehabilitation services.

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national training production 1-th

National Training Center: Comprehensive Enhanced Fidelity Program


ICT assisted the National Training Center at Fort Irwin in the areas of storytelling, studio design, direction and production, set-design and special effects.

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new dimensions in testimony 2 th

New Dimensions in Testimony


Download a PDF overview. New Dimensions in Testimony is an initiative to record and display testimony in a way that will continue the dialogue between …

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onesaf 1 th

OneSAF Graphical User Interface


Building on ICT’s experience integrating military simulation with commercial rendering technologies, this project developed an intuitive, game-style interface for the OneSAF Objective System.

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reflct 1-th

REFLCT: A Head Mounted Projector Display


REFLCT is a head-mounted projector system that personalizes projected imagery to allow each user to experience a perspective correct viewpoint.

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slim es3 1 th

Self-Directed Learning Internet Module — Every Soldier a Sensor Simulation

2004 – 2009

SLIM-ES3 is a combat patrol training tool for US ground forces. It transitioned to the Army and won a Modeling and Simulation award.

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see 1 th

Sensory Environments Evaluation


This project developed methodologies for creating and utilizing emotionally affective virtual environments, including using integrated sensory cues, to provide more effective training.

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sergeant blackwell 2-th

Sergeant Blackwell


An early example of an ICT life-sized 3D virtual character capable of conversation, Blackwell debuted at the 2004 Army Science Conference and was showcased in a Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt exhibit.

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sergeant star th

Sergeant Star


SGT Star is a life size virtual character who answers questions on topics including Army careers, training, education, money for college and the technology behind his development.

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SimCoach Bill Ford th



SimCoaches are web-based virtual humans designed to assist service members, veterans and their family members in breaking down barriers to getting mental health support and in making better use of the myriad services that are available to them.

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simsensei 2 th



Summary The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies’ (ICT), pioneering efforts within DARPA’s Detection and Computational Analysis of Psychological Signals (DCAPS) project encompass …

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smartbody 2 th



SmartBody is a character animation platform that provides locomotion, steering, object manipulation, lip syncing, gazing and nonverbal behavior in real time.

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strive 1-th

Stress Resilience in Virtual Environments (STRIVE)


Download a PDF overview. A New Path to Allostasis It is universally accepted that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from OEF/OIF poses an unprecedented healthcare …

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stretching space redirected walking overhead th

Stretching Space: Exploiting Change Blindness for Redirected Walking


A VR system that is not confined by the size of a room. Using redirection techniques, it enables real walking through a virtual environment that is considerably larger than the physical space.

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Coming Home th

Transitional Online Post-Deployment Soldier Support in Virtual Worlds


Also called “Coming Home”, this project implements ICT’s intelligent virtual humans in an online virtual world to help returning troops reintegrate to civilian life.

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UrbanSim 1-th



UrbanSim is a game-based training software for practicing the art of mission command. It transitioned to the Army and can be downloaded from the MilGaming website.

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Standard Patient Hospital 1 th

USC Standard Patient Hospital


USC Standard Patient Hospital is a free online community where medical students, residents and physicians can improve their interview and diagnostic skills with a Virtual Standardized Patient.

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virtual child witness julian 1 th

Virtual Child Witness


The primary objective of the Virtual Child Witness project is to establish the feasibility and efficacy of using an interactive learning environment to train and evaluate investigative child interviewing skills.

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vh toolkit 1 th

Virtual Human Toolkit


The ICT Virtual Human Toolkit is a downloadable collection of modules, tools and libraries that allows users, authors and developers to create their own virtual humans.

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nicoe 5 th

Virtual NICoE


Virtual NICoE is a virtual version of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence that houses resources for patients to use during and after their stay at NICoE.

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virtual patient 1-th

Virtual Patient


The Virtual Patient project uses virtual human technology to create realistic lifelike character avatars to train clinicians in interpersonal areas such as rapport, interviewing and diagnosis.

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vrcpat 1-th

Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test (VRCPAT)


VRCPAT incorporates cutting-edge neuropsychological and psychological assessment into state of the art interactive/adaptive virtual scenarios.

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PTSD 3 th

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy


In use across the country, this project provides relief from PTS through virtual reality exposure therapy. Patients, with the help of clinicians, confront their trauma memories in a virtual world.

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VITAThumbnail Image1

VITA: Virtual Interactive Training Agent

2014- Present

Virtual Interactive Training Agents (VITA) is a virtual reality job interview practice system for building competence and reducing anxiety in young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. It was developed by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) in partnership with the Dan Marino Foundation.

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