Scent Your Senses: The SEE Project’s Scent Collar a big hit at SIGGRAPH!

Published: August 15, 2004
Category: News

The Scent Collar, developed by ICT and AnthroTronix, was featured at the SIGGRAPH 2004 Cyber Fashion show with the tag line: The Ultimate in Cyber Diva Chic Couture. Its use as a means of augmenting emotional connection in Immersive Environments was described as model Lizbeth Goodman walked down the runway wearing the collar.
Shown in the photo are NYC scent designer Gayill Nalls, who created four unique designer aromas for the SIGGRAPH debut: fire, air, earth and water (since our swamp and other realistic environment smells would not have been suitable!), model Lizbeth Goodman, also Director of London’s SmartLab, and ICT’s Jacki Morie, getting a good sniff!
Read the Scent Collar Brochure.