USC Center for Body Computing

We are in the age of the digital revolution. Healthcare is the last sector to emerge with a need for a new model of care delivery available through a smartphone that will augment and partner with traditional care models to include, inform and empower the patient-consumer. Partnering with USC Center for Body Computing and Keck Medicine of USC, The Virtual Care Clinic is dedicated to creating continuous digital health solutions that give patients the ability to receive world-class medical treatment without having to physically visit the clinic. The first-of-its-kind solution leverages the autonomous power of mobile connectivity, sensors and virtual and immersive reality platforms, allowing patients with a digital health prescription to access a wide variety of healthcare services, including a customizable virtual physician, tailored to their personal health challenges.

Founded in 2007 by internationally-recognized physician visionary Dr. Leslie Saxon, the USC Center for Body Computing is a thought leader innovation hub designed to bring together digital and life sciences executives, sensor and mobile app investors, strategists, designers, investors and visionaries from healthcare, entertainment and technology to collaborate on transformative care solutions. Learn more about the USC Center for Body Computing.