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Debevec, Paul; Tchou, Chris; Gardner, Andrew; Hawkins, Tim; Poullis, Charis; Stumpfel, Jessi; Jones, Andrew; Yun, Nathaniel; Einarsson, Per; Lundgren, Therese; Fajardo, Marcos; Martinez, Philippe

Estimating Surface Reflectance Properties of a Complex Scene under Captured Natural Illumination Technical Report

University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies no. ICT TR 06 2004, 2004.

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Debevec, Paul

Image-Based Techniques for Digitizing Environments and Artifacts Inproceedings

In: 4th International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling (3DIM), 2003.

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Gardner, Andrew; Tchou, Chris; Hawkins, Tim; Debevec, Paul

Linear Light Source Reflectometry Inproceedings

In: ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2003.

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Unger, J.; Wenger, Andreas; Hawkins, Tim; Gardner, Andrew; Debevec, Paul

Capturing and Rendering With Incident Light Fields Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of the 14th Eurographics workshop on Rendering, 2003.

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Debevec, Paul; Wenger, Andreas; Tchou, Chris; Gardner, Andrew; Waese, Jamie; Hawkins, Tim

A Lighting Reproduction Approach to Live-Action Compositing Inproceedings

In: SIGGRAPH 2002, pp. 547–556, San Antonio, TX, 2002.

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Debevec, Paul

A Tutorial on Image-Based Lighting Journal Article

In: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2002.

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Cohen, Jonathan; Tchou, Chris; Hawkins, Tim; Debevec, Paul

Real-Time High-Dynamic Range Texture Mapping Inproceedings

In: Eurographics Rendering Workshop, 2001.

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Waese, Jamie; Debevec, Paul

A Real Time High Dynamic Range Light Probe Inproceedings

In: SIGGRAPH Technical Sketches, 2001.

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Hawkins, Tim; Cohen, Jonathan; Tchou, Chris; Debevec, Paul

Light Stage 2.0 Inproceedings

In: SIGGRAPH Technical Sketches, pp. 217, 2001.

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Hawkins, Tim; Cohen, Jonathan; Debevec, Paul

A Photometric Approach to Digitizing Cultural Artifacts Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Glyfada, Greece, 2001.

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Debevec, Paul; Hawkins, Tim; Tchou, Chris; Duiker, Haarm-Pieter; Sarokin, Westley

Acquiring the Reflectance Field of a Human Face Inproceedings

In: SIGGRAPH, New Orleans, LA, 2000.

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