Will Healthcare Be Where the Killer VR Apps Emerge?

Published: February 13, 2018
Category: News

By Skip Rizzo for VR360 News
Virtual reality (VR) technology offers new opportunities for clinical research, assessment, and intervention. Since the mid-1990s, VR-based testing, training, teaching, and treatment approaches have been developed by clinicians and researchers that would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver using traditional methods.
During this time, a large and ever maturing scientific literature has evolved regarding the outcomes and effects from the use of what we now refer to as Clinical VR. This term subsumes VR application developments targeting cognitive, psychological, motor, and functional impairments across a wide range of clinical health conditions.
Moreover, continuing advances in the underlying enabling technologies for creating and delivering VR applications have resulted in its widespread availability as a consumer product, sometimes at a very low cost. So, when one studies the scientific literature, examines the evolving state of the technology, and observes the growing enthusiasm for VR in the popular culture, it is hard not to see the areas of mental and physical healthcare as the fields from which VR’s future killer apps will sprout.
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