What Are Holographic Calls? Technology May Replace Voice Calling In The Future

Published: November 11, 2017
Category: News

Even though the technology seems to be pretty far-fetched right now, it has a possibility of becoming a consumer technology, according to Todd Richmond, IEEE member and director of the mixed reality lab at the Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California.
He outlined the challenges involved in an email to IBT.
“In our labs we have shared virtual environments between east and west coast using a combination of VR and AR (Vive and Hololens). For that to move into the widespread consumer market, there are technical and user experience challenges that need to be solved. Current AR/VR hardware is still rather clunky and is not particularly comfortable for long-term use. The technology needs to approach something closer to reading glasses or perhaps large sunglasses. Or projection (“hologram”) technology needs to improve (probably a combination of both),” he stated.
The biggest challenge for the technology, according to Richmond, is the portrayal of a person in VR and how these virtual environments will be navigated. If you want to text in such an environment — how do u draw letters?
Richmond says that the technology could be available for commercial usage around 2020, however, it might take a decade for it to become a consumer technology.
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