West Point’s Pointer View Says ELITE Offers Ideal Way for Leadership Students to Practice Counseling Skills

Published: December 19, 2014
Category: News

An article in Pointer View, the newspaper serving the West Point community, covered how the ELITE counseling trainer is being used by all students in the military academy’s Military Leadership course. The article states that ELITE, which was developed by ICT, has already proven to have advantages from how training was previously conducted, by eliminating the need for live role players.
“To get that kind of one-on-one training with someone senior to them—faculty or staff—is 623 hours minimum I need to ask of my colleagues,” said Lt. Col. Darcy Schnack, director of the leadership course.
Schnack said it’s been exciting to conduct this first iteration of counseling instruction with ELITE.
“I’m hopeful to hear some quality feedback from cadets on how helpful this was in their learning,” she said. “I’ve been really pleased in having an opportunity to use ELITE this semester and I can see all kinds of ways we can use this going forward.”
The article also notes that scenarios include SHARP-related storylines and that the system provides hints, feedback and After Action Review.