VR improving treatment options for those with PTSD

Published: May 28, 2021
Category: News

The Veterans Administration estimates 17 U.S. veterans die by suicide each day on average. Behind many of those deaths is PTSD.

Now, there’s growing optimism about how technology is improving treatment options.

Science shows virtual reality (VR) is an effective approach for treating combat-related PTSD and military sexual trauma-related PTSD.

The approach uses exposure therapy, a “tried and true” approach, in a more modern and interactive way.

“We help them to go back and confront and reprocess difficult emotional memories, but in a safe environment and clinicians office with support. By gradually doing that repeatedly over time, we do see a statistically significant and clinically meaningful reduction in PTSD symptoms,” said Dr. Skip Rizzo, Director of the Medical Virtual Reality Group at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

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