Virtual Reality is Actually Here

Published: December 20, 2016
Category: News

If you think virtual reality exists today primarily in the gaming industry, you are seriously behind the times! VR is springing up all over, and in some rather surprising places. VR videos are already available on YouTube, Android PlayStore and the Apple Store. Equipment prices and quality vary dramatically, from Google’s inexpensive Cardboard to incredibly expensive and complex systems.
VR has been evolving since the first commercial flight simulator was patented in 1931. That invention helped train over 500,000 pilots during World War II. More recently, consumer VR has been used in games, particularly shooter games. As processing power has increased and gaming engines have evolved, the virtual worlds created for games have expanded significantly. Realism has increased through better light and shadows, along with an improved representation of the physics of moving objects.
In parallel with gaming, VR is expanding into many other areas. Visit ARN to read the full article featuring the areas in which VR is breaking into, including a mention of ICT’s Bravemind.