Using Virtual Humans to Teach Negotiation

Published: June 19, 2024
Category: News
Dr. Gale Lucas, Director, Technology Evaluation Lab, demonstrating Virtual Humans at ICT

Dr. Gale M. Lucas, Director, Technology Evaluation Lab, who recently wrote an essay on Using AI to Help Humans, spoke with Cadet Arlind Shefiku, and Cadet Sarra Salah, both from the United States Military Academy, about using Virtual Humans to Teach Negotiation.

The ICT Technology Evaluation Lab conducts lines of research in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and Human-Building Interaction (HBI). 

Our goal is to optimize interaction, and subsequent outcomes, between humans and social intelligence, including virtual agents, social robots, and other social interfaces in the built environment.

Current research includes designing virtual or embodied technology to interact with human users. We also conduct user studies to examine that interaction empirically, with a particular focus in building relationships, rapport and trust with machines, as well as ones that can persuade, negotiate or otherwise engage in social influence with humans (including fostering behavior change). For Human-Building Interaction (HBI) the lab focuses on technology for built environments, especially the interaction between smart buildings and their occupants. 

The lab not only develops prototypes and applications, but importantly, conducts user studies with great attention to proper research design and analysis. Through their published studies and leadership/teaching in this area, members of the lab lead the way in terms of best practices in the field for research design and analysis for user studies.