USC Collaboration to Test VR for Stroke Treatment

Published: November 14, 2017
Category: News

The Neural Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory at USC is exploring the intersection of virtual reality and neuroscience with a new program that aims to help stroke victims.
The laboratory aims to implement VR technology in health care under the acronym REINVENT, according to Sook-Lei Liew, head of the NPNL.
Liew’s laboratory is partnering with USC Institute of Creative Technologies’ MxR lab for the REINVENT project, which focuses on virtual reality and stroke rehabilitation.
“In all areas of human interaction with any kind of sophisticated technology, you want to develop things can amplify human functioning and learning,” said Albert Rizzo, who works at the MxR lab.
The MxR lab is part of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies and hosts a variety of research at the forefront of virtual development, with focuses on optical physical therapy and game apps.
Rizzo explained that in using VR as a medium for rehabilitation or as a tool for data collection, there are three measurements that must be considered.
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