Trojan Family Magazine Covers ICT

Published: May 13, 2010
Category: News

Three stories in the summer 2010 issue of Trojan Family Magazine cover aspects of ICT’s work. One article covers the ICT’s Virtual Patient and Virtual Iraq technologies that will be part of the new USC military social work program. Another story spotlights Paul Debevec and the ICT Graphics Lab’s involvement helping the create the very special effects in James Cameron’s Avatar. A large feature on gaming at USC discusses ICT training games BiLAT and UrbanSim as well as the work of the ICT Graphics Lab.
“As our technologies become widely available, “ said ICT Executive Director Randall W. Hill, Jr., “not only will game designers finally be able to undertake emotionally complex projects they’ve been considering for years, but also, more importantly, they’ll be thinking up entirely new kinds of games not yet imagined.”
Download the summer 2010 issue.