Training and Simulation Journal Features Q&A with Randy Hill

Published: September 15, 2010
Category: News

Randy Hill, executive director of ICT, was interviewed by Michael Peck, U.S editor for Training and Simulation Journal. The Q and A with Randy was part of a regular series spotlighting leaders in the training and simulation arena. In their conversation, Hill spoke about ICT’s work in advancing the state-of-the-art in virtual humans and facial animation. He aslo discussed ICT’s prototypes for counter-IED, counter-insurgency and negotiation training. Hill highlighted how storytelling how storytelling can enhance training.
“I think what storytelling does is bring in other characters, he said. “It brings other people into the picture. That is the soft side of a lot of the skills that the military needs. It’s understanding people, whether it’s your colleagues, your subordinates or people in another culture. It has an emotional impact. That’s how learning takes place. Not just appealing to the mind, but to your heart.”
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