TIME Article Endorses ICT’s Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Treating PTSD

Published: April 3, 2013
Category: News

Writing in TIME, Army psychiatrist Artin Terhakopian lauds ICT’s virtual reality therapy for treating PTSD as having, “the potential to reach the thousands of patients who have had the most difficult and, dare I say, an impossible time interfacing and benefiting from traditional methods of therapy and mental health care delivery.” Dr. Terhakopian cites a recent paper by ICT’s Skip Rizzo that appeared in Psychiatric Annals and concludes that, “the VR therapy interface developed and scientifically elaborated at ICT appears to be just the mechanism needed to reach the patients who through no fault of their own are less optimally equipped to fend off behavioral problems and mental illnesses and recover from them once in the grip of the problem or illness.”