The New Yorker Profiles Paul Debevec

Published: April 21, 2014
Category: News

In “Pixel Perfect: The Scientist Behind the Digital Cloning of Actors”, the April 28 issue of The New Yorker features Paul Debevec, ICT’s chief visual officer, and his role in advancing technologies for creating realistic digital doubles. In addition to showcasing Debevec and his research the article includes quotes from ICT’s David Traum, Oleg Alexander and Ari Shapiro. It also mentions other ICT work, including military-funded projects to create VR training simulations, ICT’s Virtual Human Embodiment and the Computational Emotions groups, and New Dimensions in Testimony, ICT collaboration with the USC Shoah Foundation and Conscience Display that is creating interactive 3-D projections of Holocaust survivors that can answer questions from students or museum visitors. Subscription is required to read the full story.