‘Thank You For Your Service’ Documentary Highlights Alarming Mental Health Crisis

Published: October 14, 2016
Category: News

One of the most alarming statistics in the new documentary “Thank You For Your Service” is that 150,000 veterans died by suicide after Vietnam, and we are currently on track to have the same number of losses in the U.S. following Iraq and Afghanistan. This powerful film is now showing in select theaters in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and New York, and highlights the failed mental health policies within the U.S. military and deadly consequences (including an average of 22 veteran suicides per day in the U.S., now reported to be 20/day).
Separate from the film, Huffington Post met Psychologist and Research Scientist Skip Rizzo, who is working on PTSD Exposure Therapy using VR solutions to help veterans heal. He received the American Psychological Association’s 2010 Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Treatment of Trauma, and is the associate director for medical virtual reality at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.
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