Students Look Back on their Day at ICT

Published: May 6, 2010
Category: News

On a Saturday in March, a group of Los Angeles area youth visited ICT to learn about the careers that can come from a solid understanding of math, science and engineering concepts. ICT researchers demonstrated applications including virtual reality therapy and the Light Stage systems. All the students are from the Pacoima-based non-profit MEND, an organization devoted to to break the bonds of poverty by providing basic human needs and a pathway to self-reliance, coordinated the outreach visit.  Check out what several students had to say about their trip to ICT.
“Thanks, ICT, for inviting MEND to that amazing field trip.  The best part was when I met the twins.”– Viviana
“Thank you for the great time I had at USC ICT, and thank you for the cool things you showed us.  I hope I can go another time.” – Juan
“Thank you, ICT, for inviting us into your building of amazement and technology.  The part I loved most was the virtual world. Thank you for helping the soldiers who risk their lives to protect us from harm.” – Alexis