Signal Magazine Covers ICT

Published: June 7, 2011
Category: News

A training and education story in Signal Magazine, featured ICT’s advances in virtual humans research and the ways these characters are being used for military training, movie special effects and more.
“Our scientists have been recognized as [being at] the top of their fields in graphics and virtual humans research, contributions to the artificial intelligence community, trauma psychology, emotion modeling and social simulation. And in a sign that we’ve really made it in Los Angeles, we’ve even received an Academy Award, which was given to one of our researchers, Paul Debevec, for his advances in creating believable digital faces. His techniques and technologies have been used in Avatar, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Spider-Man 2 and many other blockbuster films,” said Randall W. Hill Jr., ICT’s executive director.
Signal is the magazine of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.
Read the full story here.