USC Institute for Creative Technologies to Host Free Interactive Art Exhibit

Published: November 7, 2016
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USC Institute for Creative Technologies to Host Free Interactive Art Exhibit

Media and general public are invited to attend; See below for more information.


The Art Exhibition of International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) 2016 is an annual juried showcase of new creative works that integrate digital technologies, interaction, and narrative in artistically significant ways. This year, the exhibition will be held on a single day (November 15) at the ICIDS conference venue, the USC Institute for Creative Technologies in the Playa Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The exhibition is open to the public through email.


Loss of Grasp by Serge Bouchardon, Vincent Volckaert

A narrative and interactive experience about the feeling of losing grasp.

I Can Feel It in The Air Tonight by James Earl Cox III and Julie Buchanan

A 30-minute interactive fiction game with diegetic field recordings, the story switches between a young couple’s first date and a military tribunal, juxtaposing the nervous beginnings of a new love with a transcribed recounting of past actions.

Priya’s Mirror AR by Ram Devineni and Dan Goldman  

Dive into the augmented reality and experience the interactive art of the next edition titled “Priya’s Mirror” about acid attacks. The comic series received the Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund from the Ford Foundation and funded by the World Bank. “Priya’s Mirror” premiered at the 2016 New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.

Moving through Space and Narrative by Mara Dionisio, Paulo Bala, Rui Trinade, Sandra Câmara, Dina Dionisio and Valentina Nisi

An art installation where participants are able to fully explore an interactive narrative called “The Old Pharmacy”, experimenting with different input methods for movement and exploration of a digital narrative. 

Walden, a Game by Tracy Fullerton and Walden Team

A first-person simulation of the life of American philosopher Henry David Thoreau during his experiment in self-reliant living at Walden Pond.

Axion by Ivaylo Getov, Jasmine Idun Isdrake and Kyle Gustafson

An immersive documentary game engaging players with the perspectives of contemporary scientists who confront the deepest questions in astrophysics. By allowing a player a measure of freedom to navigate and discover an evolving virtual environment, the project suggests a broad consonance between the process of scientific discovery and a personal, emotive confrontation with the unknown.

Pry by Tender Claws

An interactive story (intended for tablets) that allows the reader to unravel the fabric of memory and discover a story shaped by the lies we tell ourselves; lies revealed when we pry apart the narrative and read between the lines.

Nevermind by Erin Reynolds

A biofeedback-enhanced adventure horror game that takes you into the dark and surreal world of subconscious.

  1. Way by Annamaria Andrea Vitali

A short texture interactive novel about dissonances, desires and fears.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016. 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


USC Institute for Creative Technologies

12015 Waterfront Drive, Playa Vista, California


To attend, please RSVP by email to and indicate the number of guests in your party plus arrival time.