The next level of on-demand expert medical care is here: USC Center for Body Computing announces its Virtual Care Clinic (VCC) in collaboration with ICT and strategic partners for an ‘anytime, anywhere’ disruptive health care model to deliver borderless health care

Published: January 27, 2016
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– Innovative digital health solution uses mobile apps, wearable sensors, virtual human health care providers, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), data collection, analytics and artificial intelligence using digital communication tools to provide a seamless, integrated system where patients anywhere in the world can access medical care and content

– VCC partnership with the world-renown USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), marries groundbreaking virtual human agent, VR and AR technologies with Keck Medicine of USC medical experts to create the digital models for the future of health care
– USC’s VCC is leading consumerization of health care that will be fully accessible, tailored to the individual and their care providers and enabled with private/public partnerships that transform patient diagnosis and care as well as physician/hospital operational efficiency

Contact: Sherri Snelling at (949) 887-1903 or

LOS ANGELES – The University of Southern California (USC) Center for Body Computing (CBC), the digital health innovation accelerator for the Keck Medicine of USC medical enterprise, today announced its eight foundational partners for its Virtual Care Clinic (VCC). The disruptive digital health care model does not require patient or care providers to be present in the same place for seamless, integrated solutions designed to provide on-demand access to care. The VCC extends Keck Medicine of USC experts to anyone with a smartphone by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions developed at the renown USC Institute of Creative Technologies (ICT) in Playa Vista, the heart of Los Angeles’ digital zone known as Silicon Beach.

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