Pinscreen’s Real-Time Deepfake Demo

Published: January 20, 2020
Category: News

The video presents a state-of-the-art demo of a real-time DeepFake face-swapping technology. What we see is both amazing and terrifying. 

The demo was set up for the World Economic Forum in Davos to raise awareness of the danger of deepfakes. It will help shoe advanced video manipulation technologies and show how they can be misused for the purpose of disinformation. 

Just imagine the potential power of the app. It was developed by Hao Li, CEO/Co-Founder of Pinscreen, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California, and the director of the Vision and Graphics Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. His work focuses on digitizing humans and capturing their performances for immersive communication and telepresence in virtual worlds.

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