New ICT Creative Director

Published: February 13, 2007
Category: News

Marina del Rey, CA (January 29, 2007) – Today Randall Hill, Executive Director of the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), announced that it was furthering its already strong relationship with the Hollywood community by appointing Kim LeMasters as its new Creative Director. As Creative Director, LeMasters will work closely with ICT’s Executive Director, as well as the ICT’s senior management team and researchers, in developing creative content for research projects – including concept development/visualization, games, videos and other immersive experiences – while managing ICT’s creative personnel as well as partnerships with the entertainment and computer industries.
Kim brings decades of entertainment experience including president of CBS Entertainment. Following his time at CBS he went on to join Stephen J. Cannell Productions as president in 1992 and later produced individual film and television projects for more than a decade. In 1999 he became chairman and CEO of the digital home entertainment recording company Replay Networks, guiding the rollout of its signature product, ReplayTV.
In light of ICT’s mission to develop virtual immersive training for the military and education applications, LeMasters joins the institute at a time when new technologies and delivery systems are challenging the hegemony of traditional media. “ICT is a pioneer in producing technologically sophisticated films that communicate subtle yet vital leadership skills for military commanders. Our work for the U.S. Army has not only been gratifying in its acceptance but, more importantly, is proving beneficial to the soldiers on the ground,” stated Hill. “Having Kim come aboard as our Creative Director is the direct result of his work with us as a writer and a producer of three of our films. We believe his background in both storytelling and technology will further our goals in not only our pedagogical output but will be accretive as we continue to expand our efforts in our video games and immersive experiences.”