New Army game trains leaders to handle sexual assault in ranks – Army Times Covers ELITE SHARP

Published: April 1, 2016
Category: News

The Army Times covered  Army-wide release of the ICT-developed ELITE-SHARP Command Team Trainer. The story noted that it will be available April 1 on the Army’s MILGAMING website alongside the ELITE Lite counseling tool, which was the basis for the game.
The story states that Soldiers using the ELITE-SHARP Command Team Trainer will interact or train with a standardized avatar. The game provides command teams with animated scenarios on sexual assault and harassment and highlights the right and wrong ways to handle such situations, according to information from the Army. There also is a portion of the game where commanders interact with virtual soldiers who have been victims of sexual assault or harassment.
The game moves away from the typical PowerPoint or classroom training soldiers usually get, Maj. Greg Pavlichko, chief of the Army’s Games for Training program at the Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, said in a statement.
“We’re getting away from non-professional role players and just getting beaten to death with slide shows, and making it more engaging,” Pavlichko said. “Plus, for a lot of younger people, gaming is kind of innate and organic to them, so they understand it right away.”