Motherboard and VICE Canada Feature ICT Virtual Reality Mental Health Work

Published: March 19, 2014
Category: News

Canadian military veteran Jody Mitic visited ICT as part of a crew from Motherboard and VICE Canada to explore ICT’s work using virtual reality to address mental health issues, like post-traumatic stress and depression. Mitic spoke Skip Rizzo, ICT’s director for medical virtual reality and also tried out Bravemind, our virtual reality exposure therapy system, and SimSensei, a virtual human interviewer who can detect signs of depression. Mitic also spoke to Sgt Jonathan Warren, who was treated with ICT’s VR therapy.
“This is probably the most effective treatment out there that I’ve had, and I’ve had many,” said Sgt. Warren in the online piece. “I think most of the Soldiers out there could benefit from something like this.”
In a story accompanying the online documentary, VICE reporter Patrick MacGuire wrote, “while we’re hoping that the technologies we saw at ICT will soon trickle down into militaries worldwide, there are clearly implications here for the entire planet”.
Mitic also spoke about his experience at ICT on CTV News.