Mashable, Fox News and Live Science Feature ICT Virtual Reality Work in PTSD Treatment, Training and Prevention

Published: August 13, 2014
Category: News

A Mashable story, originally posted to Live Science, highlighted Bravemind, ICT’s reality therapy system for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. The story noted that the system builds on traditional exposure therapy, which studies have shown can be effective in treating PTSD. The story also mentioned additional ICT virtual reality work including using the virtual-reality system as a preventative therapy before soldiers are deployed, developing a virtual patient project in which clinicians can practice working with a simulated trauma victim before they work with a real person, and launching a military sexual trauma project for service members who have experienced sexual assault.
“The [virtual reality] format may appeal to a generation of service members who have grown up with the digital world, and feel comfortable with it,” said Skip Rizzo, ICT’s director of medical virtua reality. In addition, the virtual-reality program is wireless, making it convenient for veterans to use, he added.
Fox News also ran the story.