Lyneisha Brooks Wins USC Viterbi Linda Rock Service Award 

Published: April 25, 2024
Category: News
Lyneisha & Randal Hill

Lyneisha Brooks, Financial Analyst at ICT, and the Chairperson for the institute’s DEI-B Task Force, was presented with the Linda Rock Service Award at the Viterbi Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony yesterday. 

Dr. Randall Hill, Vice Dean, Viterbi School of Engineering, Omar B. Milligan Professor in Computer Science (Games and Interactive Media), Executive Director, ICT, nominated Lyneisha Brooks for this honor. Here is Dr. Hill’s full statement which details not only her day to day contributions – both inside the Business Office, and in presiding over the DEI-B Task Force – but also shines a light on her participation in changing the culture at ICT

I am thrilled to nominate Lyneisha Brooks for the USC Viterbi Linda Rock Award for Service in recognition of her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) within our organization.

Lyneisha embodies the essence of this award through her exemplary contributions to our DEI-B Task Force and to the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). Initially invited to join ICT’s DEI-B Task Force as a participant, Lyneisha’s passion, dedication, and thoughtfulness quickly became evident, and the team naturally looked to her for leadership, despite her not being previously viewed as a leader.

This significant step for Lyneisha underscores her personal growth and demonstrates her willingness to embrace new challenges for the betterment of our organization. Despite any initial reservations, Lyneisha has embraced her role as a leader with enthusiasm and determination, inspiring her colleagues and driving positive change within our DEI-B initiatives.

One of Lyneisha’s most remarkable qualities is her proactive approach to ensuring alignment with organizational goals. She schedules regular updates with ICT’s senior management to ensure that the group’s goals are aligned with their vision. Additionally, she attends Viterbi DEI meetings to ensure alignment with Viterbi’s broader goals and initiatives and has supported the John B. Slaughter Engineering Leadership Summit.

Moreover, Lyneisha has played a pivotal role in driving significant accomplishments within ICT’s DEI-B efforts, all while fulfilling her responsibilities as a Financial Analyst for ICT’s business office. Despite the demands of her full-time role, she has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to leading the DEI-B Task Force, demonstrating exceptional time management and organizational skills.

Under Lyneisha’s leadership, the DEI-B Task Force has spearheaded a series of impactful events, with Lyneisha playing a pivotal role in every aspect of their execution. From crafting compelling event flyers and writing engaging copy to coordinating with speakers and managing logistical details, Lyneisha’s dedication and attention to detail shine through in every event. These efforts, combined with the team’s collaborative spirit, have resulted in a diverse array of impactful gatherings aimed at raising awareness and fostering meaningful dialogue among staff and faculty. The events, which include discussions with prominent authors, scholars, and industry leaders, have provided valuable insights and perspectives on various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Lyneisha’s passion for the cause of DEI-B shines through in everything she does. Her dedication to our mission is not just professional but deeply personal, and this passion fuels her tireless efforts to effect meaningful change. Furthermore, her thoughtfulness in considering the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders ensures that our initiatives are inclusive and impactful.

In summary, Lyneisha exemplifies the spirit of the USC Viterbi Linda Rock Award for Service through her outstanding leadership, vision, and unwavering commitment to advancing DEIB within our organization. She is not just a leader; she is a passionate advocate for change, and her contributions have left a lasting impact on the ICT.