LA Times Covers Army Research Lab Plan to Open Largest Ever University Outpost at ICT

Published: November 3, 2015
Category: News

The LA Times covered the establishment of ARL West at ICT. The Army Research Lab will maintain up to 70 researchers at ICT starting next year. The story states that this largest U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) outpost outside of Maryland aims to become into a key source of ideas on data analysis, robotics and virtual reality.
According to the article, USC was a natural spot for the Army group to land in Southern California. ICT’s work with the military and Hollywood already has had a role in big developments, including stress therapy and disaster response apps, graphics technology used in the film “Avatar” and the recent reemergence of virtual reality headsets.
“We believe that establishing West Coast research teams at USC and ICT will lead to new research directions, new perspectives, new industry partners and ultimately new discoveries that will help the Army solve current and future challenges,” said Army Research Lab Director Thomas Russell.
USC News and the Army Research Lab both ran articles announcing ARL West.