Investor’s Business Daily Features ICT’s 3-D Videoconferencing Technology

Published: February 19, 2009
Category: News

A story about the promise and progress of 3-D videoconferencing featured the recently unveiled 3-D videoconferencing system developed by Paul Debevec and the ICT Graphics Lab.  “We’re trying to get at that wonderful, magical thing that happens when people are together in person, without them having to actually be there,” said Debevec. Debevec and colleagues demonstrated the system in December at the Army Science Conference in Orlando, Fla. Visitors viewing the USC exhibit were able to converse with a 3-D image while the real person sat out of sight and earshot. The story noted that Debevec has also worked with face-scanning technologies and photorealistic visual effects, drawing from both areas for his team’s 3-D system. “We’re doing the real thing as best we can,” he said, “essentially re-creating people out of thin air.”