Inside North America’s first all-digital hospital – Modern Healthcare Covers the USC Virtual Care Clinic

Published: May 1, 2016
Category: News

An article about the move toward digitization in health care features the USC Virtual Care Clinic. The article notes that the clinic will begin pilots with patients this summer, with a broader rollout by year-end. The article notes that USC has assembled eight partners for the initiative, including its own Institute for Creative Technologies, which is best known for developing computer-generated “virtual humans.” In the case of the Virtual Care Clinic, the technology allows people to interact with a simulation of a USC specialist. The article notes that the technology is similar to Siri on an iPhone. It can recognize key parts of a question and provide information. But it also can be personalized for individual patients. The story states that USC’s Roski Eye Institute will be among the first specialty centers to incorporate this virtual reality technology into patient care as part of the Virtual Care Clinic.