ICT’s Jonathan Gratch Named Editor of New Journal on Computing and Emotion

Published: November 6, 2009
Category: News

Jon Gratch, ICT’s associate director for virtual humans research, has been named the inaugural editor of the new journal, The IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing. The IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing is intended to be a cross disciplinary and international archive journal aimed at disseminating results of research on the design of systems that can recognize, interpret, and simulate human emotions and related affective phenomena. The journal will publish original research on the principles and theories explaining why and how affective factors condition interaction between humans and technology, on how affective sensing and simulation techniques can inform our understanding of human affective processes, and on the design, implementation and evaluation of systems that carefully consider affect among the factors that influence their usability. Surveys of existing work will be considered for publication when they propose a new viewpoint on the history and the perspective on this domain.