ICT Virtual Human Toolkit Provides a Free and Common Platform to Create Characters

Published: January 4, 2010
Category: News

The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies has created the ICT Virtual Human Toolkit with the goal of reducing some the complexity inherent in creating virtual humans. Our toolkit is an ever-growing collection of innovative technologies, fueled by basic research performed at ICT and its partners. Through this toolkit, ICT hopes to provide the virtual humans research community with a widely accepted platform on which new technologies can be built.
Current users of some of the toolkit features include CSI/UCB Vision Group at UC Berkeley, Component Analysis Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, Affective Computing Research group at MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research.
The ICT Virtual Human Toolkit is a collection of modules, tools and libraries that supports the creation of question / answer characters, with an emphasis on natural language interaction, nonverbal behavior and visual recognition. At the core of the toolkit lies innovative, research-driven technologies which are combined with other software components in order to provide a complete, basic virtual human.