ICT in Army Magazine

Published: October 20, 2011
Category: News

The November issue of Army Magazine features two stories about ICT research and prototypes. The first story showcases ICT’s immersive technologies, with a focus on ICT’s two new virtual human training demonstrations for interpersonal skills practice that were recently installed at Army and Navy bases, as well as on ICT’s work using virtual characters in the mental health arena. The second story describes recent updates to the Joint Fires and Effects Trainer that ICT delivered as a research prototype in 2004.
“The U.S. Army and ICT partnership is creating immersive technologies that are changing the way we train, rehabilitate, educate and promote resilience,” explained Randall W. Hill Jr., Ph.D., executive director of ICT in the magazine. “But we’re not just trying to create cool immersive experiences. We’re creating experiences that matter in the virtual arena.”
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