ICT Featured In Rolling Stone Magazine

Published: August 14, 2004
Category: News

In the August 19th issue of Rolling Stone, ICT was featured under the section “Hot Geeks.” The following is an excerpt from that article. “ICT attracted an unlikely array of Hollywood talent, from Paul Debevec, who helped devise the bullet-time effects in The Matrix, to David Ayer, the young screenwriter of The Fast and the Furious and Training Day, to Ron Cobb, who helped design the Alien movies after a career as an underground political cartoonist. ‘We’re trying to create situations that emotionally evoke the problems these military guys have to work through,’ says Jonathan Gratch, an artificial-intelligence scientist at ICT. The weirdest and most unsettling of these artificial worlds is the Sensory Environments Evaluation project, an immersive virtual-reality tunnel that can re-create unpleasant environments with astonishing verisimilitude. Another project, dubbed FlatWorld, allows users to experience virtual worlds- say a Baghdad street corner under enemy fire – without wearing clunky goggles. ‘You can create veterans who’ve never seen combat,’ says Ayer.”
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