How will virtual reality change our lives?

Published: May 18, 2016
Category: News

The BBC turned to ICT experts Mark Bolas and Skip Rizzo for a feature on the future of virtual reality. Listen to the interviews here. Read them here.
Mark Bolas:
“I’m worried by our current computer interfaces. I watch people walking around like zombies with cell phones in their hands, and I have to manuever a mouse to fill out little boxes on web forms in a horribly frustrating way. I think VR will allow us to transcend this.
I don’t worry so much about where VR is going, I worry about where we currently are.
Skip Rizzo:
“We know that the brain is quite good at suspending disbelief, so even though people know these aren’t real people, they relate to them as if they are.

This is why VR is so compelling, because whatever is learned in those worlds hopefully will benefit how the person translates their behavior in the real world.”