How VR is Helping the Victims of Terrorism

Published: May 27, 2016
Category: News

An article on features Skip Rizzo’s work using VR to treat post-traumatic stress, including recent efforts to address the needs of terror attack victims.
So far, Dr Rizzo’s work has focused on soldiers, but it’s set to shift to civilians, including victims of sexual assault, car accidents, extreme weather – such as having your house blown away by a tornado, he says – or terror attacks. VR was used successfully to help treat PTSD in victims of the New York World Trade Center attacks in 2001, and now Dr Rizzo is working with a consortium of European collaborators to build a virtual Paris scenario, states the story.
“Admittedly, it’s hard medicine for a hard problem. But when people say: ‘Why do you do this…I say it’s because we know it works. The science and research – it’s not 100%, but it’s one of the best treatments in clinical trials.”